The three case-studies underline our ability to identify technologies and managements capable of making substantial returns and how our investors and networks help them achieve these.



We invested in the company in 2005 and exited in 2007, generating in excess of a 4x return for our group of experienced high net worth investors. What our group brought to this Swiss-based company was advice and expertise on a range of relevent matters including in the timing and exit management. Endoart had invented a unique form of gastric band.  Gastric bands are a standard intervention for the obese and morbidly obese. Endoart's IP put it years ahead of the incumbent leaders in this field (mainly very large medical device multi-nationals. We provided the funds to allow the company time to maximise product development and create optimal conditions for exit.


Lumi Mobile

We invested in Lumi in 2010. Lumi ( is a global leader in real time audience engagement technology. Our group of investors has brought the following value to the company. First, we invested a small amount to steer it through challenging, early-stage operational and funding obstacles. Next we were instrumental in introducing it to a major very high net worth individual with a proven track record in building and backing disruptive IT solutions. Third, we assisted in securing additional, dept-based fundings and, last, we have contributed throughout with active board involvement.


RTL Industries/RolaTube

RTL ( an example of patient investing. The returns will be high but, as so often in tech investing, particularly in industry sectors resistant to adopting new technology, timing can be  longer than originally expected. We invested in RTL in 2010. It invented a unique, heavily IP-protected advanced composite with applications in the oil and gas and communications sector. We have supported the company through ups and downs where the potential of its technology was never in doubt. Rather than exit it at cost we stuck with it, introduced a new Chairman, assisted with multiple key sector and industry contacts, notably in the Defence sector and helped introduce novel debt finance. The company is now well set to fully exploit its ground-breaking military and civilian communications and other applications and products.