These four case studies exhibit the reach of our networks and their ability to help UK and international investors understand their mutual objectives.

Non-UK Investment into UK sports

Our client was a major UK sports organisation. The opportunity was to interest overseas investors in attaching their own brand to a prestigious UK opportunity  through a strategic investment and, from that base, accessing and creating related real-estate and infrastructure investments nearby. We assisted the UK customer in understanding the likely level of interest from a mid-|Asian investment source, the key drivers for that interest and how best to address it. We helped prepare the right approach, guide the presentations and call on our networks to add highly relevant expertise to the discussions. In addition to the important private sector aspects of the potential transaction we assisted, via our UK and overseas government contacts, in ensuring that UK government and non-UK officials understood and supported the objectives of the transaction. 


A leading UK higher education establishment wished to explore setting up a new campus in the Middle-East. We utilised our contacts with the cabinet office of the market concerned to engage directly with the ministry of higher education. We explained the benefits to the recipient nation, identified and secured a prime site and provided advise, financial analysis and funding structures.

UK initiative into Middle-East education


We acted for a leading SE Asian property investment company in identifying  a prestigious London, West End off-market hotel opportunity and securing accelerated access to the sellers.

SE Asian Property Investment Company


We advised a leading European Bank on its part-acquisition of a pan-Asian, China-focused investment bank. In a competitive bidding environment we utilised our China-based contacts to secure a material competitive advantage for our client and tied up the deal within a matter of weeks, resulting in an incisive strategic move into the Asia markets for our client.

Asian Investment