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Core Technologies

High Frequency Algorithm Model

Trade the top 8 G10 currencies, such as. USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, JPY, AUD, NZD, CHF (in order of trading frequency). The model runs 24 hours per business day and handles multiple trading strategies with consistent small returns on a daily basis. In order to eliminate as much risk as possible, the professional team regularly revises the core algorithm based on an in-depth study of market volatility and political winds. With an average of over 60trades per day, the high frequency algorithmic model operates 70% of the capital for the stability of the G10 currency.

Image by Nicholas Cappello

Medium Term Trend Model

For trading the most popular commodities such as US crude oil, gold and silver. The focus of the model is to identify each medium-term turning point in the price trend and place an order on each occasion. By applying a hedging strategy, on average, each successful forecast yields a return of 2.4 times greater than that achieved by a wrong forecast. To avoid short-term volatility risk, 20% of the capital is allocated to commodities in the trend model.


Intraday Breakout Model

Trades in the four largest stock indices such as the NASDAQ, Dow Jones, FTSE 100 and DAX. The model focuses solely on intraday breakouts and performs automatic analysis of the impact of breaking news. The model has a 68% success rate of prediction and can contribute additional returns to a portfolio. Only 10% of funds are available for the Intraday Breakout Model as the model is limited to intraday trading and breakout opportunities do not occur on a daily basis.

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