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between Automated quantitative trading and traditional trading method

Quantitative tradings

In order to determine the best investment portfolio, we try to reach the qulified returns and profit by mathematical statistics, quantitative tradings. We build the model to capital the price of stocks, commodities, indexes, foreign exchange and other financial products as investment targets, using statistics, optimization and other mathematical methods to convert them into profits.

Current Market

According to the latest research report, almost all of the top five hedge funds in the world are gradually replacing traditional investment with quantitative trading. According to the data of Morningstar, an international fund rating agency, the assets under management of global quantitative trading have reached 3 trillion US dollars.

Automated Quantitative Method
Traditional Trading Method
Risk control
Maximize returns and minimizing risks
Can not fully consider the risks
Investment target
Investment in decentralized stocks
Investment in a small number of stocks
Investment terms
The investment tends to be short to medium term
Investment in favor of long-term
Source of information
Massive data and multi-level aspects of factors
Market fundamentals and macroeconomic
Investment style
Quantitative analysis of investment
Qualitative analysis of investment
Analysis Method
On the basis of mathematical model
Based on the human experience and judgement

Quantitative method advantages

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