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Why choose us?

Institution VS individual investor

Insinuations Investor
Individual Investor
Protective Regulations
Subject to less protective regulation due to investment expertise and knowledge
Subject to more protective regulation due to perceived experience, education
Not likely to limit buying to any particular size of company or share price level
More likely to invest in stocks of companies with lower share prices to enable more purchases for diversification
Information Advantage
Access to extensive market research and up-to-the-minute market insight and specialist feedback
Access to a wealth of information, has less access to the information reserved for institutional investors
Emotional Trading
Less of an issue due to investment and market experience and expertise, education, and instant access to feedback and advice
May occur due to lack of investment education and readily available market feedback; can have a positive or negative impact on markets if substantial trading occurs by enough individuals
Potential Trading Impact
Large positions and frequent transactions can result in sudden price movements that are unexpected by other investors and can move an entire market in unexpected directions
Typically smaller trade sizes and less frequent trading has little adverse effect on market movement
Enormous amounts of pooled money
Limited amount

Why choose us?

Partner Capital holds a UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) license and can trade on behalf of clients with the authorization of clients, but cannot hold client funds. Client funds will always be in their own investment account.

What is FCA?

FCA were established on 1 April 2013, taking over responsibility for conduct and relevant prudential regulation from the Financial Services Authority (FSA). FCA are the conduct regulator for around 51,000 financial services firms and financial markets in the UK.

Does my money safely?

The FCA is an authoritative body with strong powers to regulate the operating standards of all financial companies operating within the UK. It has the power to revoke licenses, review marketing and promotional materials, audit company financials, and ensure consumers are getting a fair deal when dealing with financial companies.

Image by Sean Pollock

Our collaboration platform ------ IG

What does IG do with my money?

Unlike banks, investment firms like IG are required to separate client money and assets from their own resources. This means that IG are not allowed to use them in the course of our business activities, and that client money is completely ring-fenced and protected in the unlikely event that IG became insolvent.

IG is authorised to conduct investment business by the FCA. The FCA requires the firms they supervise to hold client funds in accounts separate to their own.

The only clients whose money is not treated like this are clients IG have classified as sophisticated persons who have signed a legal document explaining how their money and assets are held differently (this is known as 'title transfer').

What happens to the money I deposit with IG?

Your money is held in segregated bank accounts under trustee arrangements. This ensures that the cash remains yours, rather than IG’s. It also means that it’s easily identifiable as client money, so IG and its creditors don’t have any charge, liens, or rights of set-off or retention over it.

IG have a number of segregated bank accounts at a range of credit-worthy high street banks such as HSBC. IG intentionally ensure that client money is split between a number of banks, and IG are not permitted to hold it all in one place.

IG may place funds in notice or term deposit accounts with a notice period or term of up to 95 days. Placing client money in notice or term deposit accounts does not in itself affect your ability to deal with or withdraw funds from your account with us, however, in the unlikely event of insolvency of IG, such amounts may not be immediately available upon request.

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